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About Academy Kicks...

At AcademyKicks we prioritise the development of your child within the game of football. It is imperative to us that your child has the opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace. 

We offer regular training programmes that will help improve learning football skills, personal behaviour and develop social interactions. Upon learning more about your child's ability we will then place them in competitive games to further their development and gain match day experiences. We strive on providing the pathway to football for all ages and abilities. With numerous links to local football teams, school's of excellence and football academy’s we want to be the at the beginning of every player's journey. 


To find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

"Always train hard, work harder, never give up, never give in and believe in you"


Our Coaching..

All of our coaches have surpassed the following qualifications. 

We pride ourselves on the Football Associations FOUR CORNER player development model.  

Technical – Football skills ‘on the ball’; control, passing, dribbling, shooting.
Psychological – Mental attributes; decision making, enjoyment, spatial awareness.
Physical – Movement within the game; sprinting, turning, jumping, acceleration, agility.
Social – Interactions with other participants; communication, teamwork, friendship


The four corner model offers our coaches a tool to give them the opportunity to break down the benefits of the session which they plan to deliver. Rather than planning and coaching a session ‘for the sake of it’, a coach needs to create a session which has specific outcomes for the players involved, and are highly beneficial for them.


With over 20 years of experience our coaching staff will develop your child’s ability within this beautiful game. 

Our Team
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