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Football Academy 

We are determined to provide an outstanding Academy with the highest expectations for all of our young football players. AcademyKicks prioritise the development of your child within the game of football. It is imperative to us that your child has the opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace.

Please select the programme you have previously discussed with our team. This will confirm your childs place. If you would like to discuss in further detail or to take advantage of our sibling discounts, please get in touch

All players must be registered.

AcademyKicks uses an average monthly payment system. This payment remains the same for 12 payments over a calendar year. The payment covers multi-session weeks, single session weeks and also the off-season. Each payment is automatically debited each month and covers a 48 week period allowing 4 weeks for Christmas holidays and occasional cancellations due to weather. 


If you wish to take advantage of our AK Sibling plan, then please get in touch so we can offer you a 20% Discount. 

For more information please contact