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AK Player pathway

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Our development pathway is designed to improve the overall standard of football players. We are seeing that football teams within the area focus on the players that are already at a standard of ability and are ready to join a squad. 

We feel this ignores a large percentage of players that are evolving at a different rate. This is where our development programme is key. We want to improve and offer further support to those that require the additional coaching, patience and attention. This will create opportunities for everyone.

We intend to do this in many ways. Firstly by improving the coaching standards across all ages. Just like our players, all of our coaches will be on their own development programme. Being trained and assessed by the Football governing bodies such as the F.A and UEFA. These bodies will educate our coaching staff which will in turn educate our players. We will also provide the latest technology in football kits, training facilities and meet players from within the professional game itself to pass on their unique wisdom. 

“If you want to be the best, you must work with the best” - Cristiano Ronaldo

Starting from our Grassroots holiday and school programmes, all the way up to providing opportunities for trials for professional and semi professional teams across your area.  

For further information on our development programme please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Tel: 07790255781 • Email: • 

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