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Our Structure

The Academy is created to offer more and further opportunities to all children at grass roots the chance to enjoy and fall in love with the game football. Academykicks will not only support the child and player through their football journey but install in them life skills that will help them in all social aspects of growing up. 

We are determined to provide an outstanding Academy with the highest expectations for all of our young football players. AcademyKicks prioritise the development of your child within the game of football. It is imperative to us that your child has the opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace.

Offering weekly development and training sessions, regular match day experiences, annual tournaments and football camps during school holidays.


What do we offer?

We offer programmes that will help improve all of a player's football skills, personal behaviours and social interactions. Upon learning more about your child's ability we will then place them in competitive games to further their development and gain match day experiences. We strive on providing the pathway to football for all ages and abilities. With numerous links to local football teams, school's of excellence and football academy’s we want to be the at the beginning of every player's journey. 

AcademyKicks Squads Programme

This is the main body of our Academy. Here we select each player and place them into a Squad best suited to their ability. Players will receive weekly professional coaching sessions and weekly matches (during the season) where they will be competing in the league against other teams and abilities. Out of season we continue the weekly training sessions encouraging development in all areas of their game. With only 12-15 players in each squad, our professional coaching staff will be able to identify and develop weaker areas of each players ability and help them progress at an accelerated pace. 

Constant development is at the core of our academy model, and we intend to progress our players into squads of a higher ability to allow for each individuals development. This will encourage development and players will be rewarded accordingly. With no end to our 'Players Pathway', we will be inviting professional scouts to our sessions to offer opportunities for our players to pursue a career in football. 

Player Pathway Development Programme

One of the many reasons we started this Academy is to focus on the players that were not quite ready to begin playing against others. Limited team spaces leads to an increasing amount of competition for players to reach a certain standard in order to be selected. This means that a lot of players of all ages are not selected and are left feeling under confident, resulting in a premature end to their life in competitive football. 

At AcademyKicks we want to target those between the age of 6-12 years that develop at a different speed, those that are new to the game and want to see if football is the sport that they will enjoy. With weekly development sessions we can focus on these players and begin to feed them into the AcademkyKicks Squads programme in their own time and when their coach believes they have reached the criteria to move forward. 

In order to make sure this is the right pathway for each player, your first session is completely free with zero obligation. To book in for your free session please fill in the registration form here

AcademyKicks Squads

The main body of our Academy, selecting each player into a squad and rotate between teams depending on the players approval and ability. The very start to a journey of reaching beyond every players potential. 

​Programme includes:

  • Weekly Training sessions

  • Regular league fixtures

  • Player Development pathway

  • Coached by qualified coaches

  • Discounts to AK football camps

  • Competitions and Tournaments 

  • End of season presentation

  • Fees/registration

Development Sessions

Our sessions offer the specific training to encourage and develop players in preparation to entering our Academy teams providing the player is happy and when the coach believes they have reached the criteria. 

​​Programme includes:

  • Weekly Training sessions

  • Player Development pathway

  • Coached by qualified coaches

  • Free T-shirt (after 3 months commitment)

  • End of season presentation

  • Discount to AK football camps

£24 per month

£35 per month

We want to encourage all players that this experience is about having fun, making friends and becoming more social and developing life skills. Some players will want to remain in their team or even continue to train in the centre. It’s important to know that our coaches will ensure that all players are happy in the team as well as focus on their individual development. 

For more information and if you wish to contact us for more detail please get in touch here

Email: • 

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