AcademyKicks FC Players kit


Look great    -    Feel great    -    Play great 

Nike Park III Knit Short Black/White

Nike Park VII SS Football Shirt Court Purple/White

With embroidery AK logo

and Player Initials on request. 

Nike Classic II Court Purple/White Football Sock

We consider ourselves the best in class, and it is only right to work with the best. Our Nike made football kit will make our players feel great in the latest DRI fabric performance technology. 

We continue to work with many of the top sports brands and are in the process of getting custom Rain jackets, Boot bags, snoods, hats, gloves etc. All available in the AcademyKicks Kit portal coming soon. 

Each player will receive their very own AK kit with personalised initials, free of charge, at the end of a 2 month commitment within our team or development programme. Please wear our AK Kit with pride.