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Our Home ground is Parkside School situated in the centre of Bromsgrove. This ground provides us with ample space to allow our teams to play on professionally looked after and cared for grass pitches. We are delighted to have this space which allows hundreds of children to play football every weekend. 

This facility includes:

  • A huge flat and level grass playing surface

  • Spectator areas including Disability Access

  • Efficient drainage system to battle our harsh winters

  • Great community engagement

Our training and development sessions will be taking place on the incredibly well located and highly sort after premises of North Bromsgrove High School grass pitches. AcademyKicks prides itself on offering the best equipment and facilities to allow for the best possible development of each players ability. 

This facility includes:

  • A horizon full of managed grass pitches

  • Spectator areas including Disability Access

  • Ample off road car parking

This is a fantastic opportunity for each player to work on developing every aspect of their individual and team abilities.

We also play some of our competitive matches on the highest quality artificial pitches at South Bromsgrove High School. 

This facility includes:

  • A  Fieldturf Prestige XM6 3G Astroturf is an outstanding football surface, compliant to FIFA 1* and 2* Standards.

  • State of the art floodlight system

  • Spectator areas including Disability Access

  • Ample off road car parking

  • Indoor Facilities

During the winter months and as the players progress through our system we will introduce them to artificial pitches. It is very important that players develop the ability to judge the movement of the football on both grass and artificial surfaces as the movement of the football can vary. The positives of artificial surfaces are endless, however it is vital that players are exposed to the actual surfaces that they will play on throughout life. Including the opportunity to enhance slide tackling, and goal keeping skills. 

Do not worry we will provide extended amount of notice when the location of training and development sessions change.

The footwear recommended for these facilities are varied. Astroturf trainers, moulded or bladed boots are allowed on the artificial grounds. Studs are ONLY allowed to be worn on real grass surfaces. 

For further information on our facilities and future facilities or advice on choosing the correct footwear please get in touch. 

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